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Eye Examination

Our comprehensive eye examination includes a test of the visual system and how the eyes work in coordination with each other as well as the external and internal ocular health of the eye.  After a brief medical history, you will be examined by the latest in technology.  The instrumentation we use to map your eye is the same wavefront technology LASIK surgeons use.  We also use a 21 megapixel retinal camera to show you a picture of the inside of your eye so that you can see what we see.  From there, you will receive a refraction (better one or two) from Dr. Sean Hensley via our TRS automated system which will be very different than what you have experienced in the past.  This system will give you an instantaneous difference between your old Rx and the Rx found at that day’s visit.  From there, you will have a thorough evaluation of your ocular health with some of the best technology available today.  Your examination will typically take from 25-45 minutes depending on if you have your eyes dilated.

Diagnostic Capabilities

Macro 3D WaveThe all new Marco 3D Wave is one of the latest and greatest advancements in refractive technology.  This instrument allows us to map the front part of your eye in greater detail than ever before; allowing us to determine your Rx in both daytime and at night!  Many people are often surprised to find they have a large difference between the two and it really helps explain why night time driving can be so difficult.

Nidek AFC-230The Nidek AFC-230 is a breakthrough in photography.  This instrument allows us to get a high resolution image in perfect clarity of the back of your eye.  Using these photographs, we can pinpoint exactly where in the retina different diseases are happening and keep a photographic record of your eyes to compare year to year if something pathological is occuring.  It is also a great tool to that allows us to educate on the importance of eye health.

10359165_279730852199946_3854728086725039634_n Just like you, eye doctors have to see other eye doctors to keep their ocular health maintained.  Which means we are poked and prodded just like you are.  And if you’ve ever had the old “puff test” performed on your eyes, we can almost assure that you hate it just as much as Dr. Hensley does.  So he decided to get rid of it and use the brand new iCare Tonopen.  Using a simple anesthetic, this device allows near perfect measurement of eye pressures without even the slightest of a breeze.

Chart The M&S Visual Acuity TV Charts allow us to use HDTV to enhance your exam.  This technology lets us change contrasts, give an infinate number of letters to keep you from memorizing charts, and allows us to display pictures and television to help with younger children’s exams as well as entertain everyone else.  Even though we offer effective, prompt evaluations we also know that waiting at a doctor’s office can happen.  M&S allows us to offer you full DirecTV in the exam rooms while you wait, because reading a 10 month old magazine can get old very quickly.

Macro TRS 5100The Marco TRS 5100 is one of the most advanced and clinically useful refraction systems ever invented.  This phoropter allows the doctor to modify your Rx from a distance, instead of being awkwardly close and uncomfortable.  It also uses technology called monocular diplopia to allow you to choose between fuzzy and clear dots, instead of confusing letters.  Everyone can tell the difference between a fuzzy and clear dot, but sometimes we have a hard time telling between a “G” and an “O”.  This allows you the most accurate Rx possible as well as giving you an instantaneous measurement between your old and new Rx.

Additional Services

  • Complete optical with a trained staff
  • Same Day lenses (in some cases)
  • Orthokeratology (“Non-surgical Lasik)
  • Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Eye Trauma and Infections
  • Lasik, Cataract, and Surgical Consultations


Our optical offers the latest in frame styling and fashion.  We house over 700 selections from designer brands to the everyday affordable.   A complete list of our designer brands can be found under our frames section.  Also, be sure to check out our specials section for great deals on frames!

In-House Lab

We stock a large range of prescriptions in house to accommodate emergency situations or update your new Rx.   In the event we do not stock your lenses, we overnight ship all orders offering you the fastest availability possible.  Certain insurance restrictions apply to in house lab orders.

Contact Lenses

Contacts can correct for all ranges of prescriptions from near sighted to far sighted, as well as correcting astigmatism.  They can even correct for presbyopia, a condition in which our near vision worsens as we enter into middle age.  We feature brands such as CIBA, Coopervision, Johnson & Johnson, as well as Bausch & Lomb.


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